1. Product purchase must have been done directly through our website amrtark.com
  2. In cases where a customer purchases our recommended pack, consumes complete pack within stipulated time, and still doesn’t get the product’s intended relief / benefits, customer may file for Money Back Claim with us.
  3. Money back will be against the order id and at the price purchased i.e., net of discounts / scheme if any as applicable.
  4. Money back offer will be applicable only on the purchase of recommended pack of dosage of the stipulated duration and not on any other purchase.
  5. Money back claims must be registered with us through email only on [email protected].
  6. For Money back claim processing, customer must provide purchase bill, bank account details for refund issuance along with other supporting documents as applicable.
  7. Product purchase must be in the name of customer only, however if you have bought our product for your family member then supporting document establishing relationship between buyer and consumer/beneficiary (person consuming the product) must be submitted for claim processing. If such a relationship cannot be established for any reason, claim will be rejected summarily.
  8. Purchase must be of recommended dosage and one must complete recommended dosage within stipulated time to be eligible for the Money back offer. You must not skip your health regime.
  9. Claim necessarily must be registered with us within one month from the date of completion of recommended dosage.
  10. Recommended dosage timeline / duration starts from the date of delivery of the product to the duration specified.
  11. For claims related to Glandship Premium Thyroid Care, you must submit your baseline medical (complete thyroid test profile) report (dated up to one-month prior from our product purchase date) along with post-line medical report (complete thyroid test profile) (dated upto 15 days from the completion of your recommended dosage date) as a confirmation towards no improvement, in the absence of such reports submission claim will be rejected summarily.
  12. For Glandship Premium Thyroid Care

a. Recommended Pack of Dosage is “6 (six) Units of Glandship (30 Capsules Bottle)”

b. Recommended/Stipulated Duration is 3 (three) Months

i.e. 6 (six) Units of Glandship (30 Capsules Bottle) should be consumed by Patient within 3 (three) Months. Two capsules everyday (one in morning 1 hr after breakfast and one in evening 1 hr after dinner) for complete duration of three months.

  1. The mentioned medical test report must be from any one of the following reputed and well-established Laboratory, namely Thyrocare Aarogyam, Dr. Lal Pathlabs, Metropolis Pathology, Apollo Diagnostics, SRL Diagnosis, Abbott Diagnostics Pathology Lab, House of Diagnostics (HOD), Max Lab by Max Healthcare Institute Limited, Medall Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, PathKind Labs and Dr. Dang’s Lab only
  2. Valid money back claim will be processed with 30 working days from the date of submission of complete documents as mandated.
  3. Refund will be paid to customer’s bank account only.
  4. Money back / Cash back will be less/net of taxes, courier (shipping) cost, packaging cost, material cost and handling charges as applicable.
  5. In case of any dispute, claim(s), dispute resolution and litigation the parties agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Delhi only.