How to Test Purity and Authenticity of Shilajit

Shilajit is well known for its rejuvenating qualities that enhances stamina, power, performance, endurance, energy, vitality & has positive effects on overall health and well-being. It is extremely important to know how to test purity and authenticity of Shilajit, as Shilajit counterfeiters exist because Shilajit is one of the rarest substances found on Earth, Shilajit is difficult and costly to obtain as the original Shilajit is only sourced from the Peaks of Himalaya, Shilajit is one of the most important and powerful compounds in Ayurveda, Shilajit is also one of the top selling supplement of all time for male virility, testosterone boosting and improving libido.

Shilajit is a sticky substance obtained from Himalayas and is used in traditional Ayurvedic medicines since centuries. Benefits of Shilajit include Fertility, Testosterone & Libido Booster, Curing Chronic Fatigue, Improves Overall Brain Functioning & Power, Healthy Gut and Better Digestive System, Keeps You Younger & Smarter by Slowing down Aging Process, Overcoming High Altitude Sickness, Helps in overcoming Iron Deficiency Anaemia, Curing Male Infertility, Improves Heart Health, and Reducing Stress and Anxiety Levels.

Shilajit is beneficial only if consumed in pure form. There are various methods to test purity and authenticity of Shilajit, some of the very simple methods that can be easily done at home are listed below:

  • Physical Forms: Appearance: Most powdered form or capsules contains Shilajit between 1 to 30 percent in effective form. All powders forms have additives, fillers and binders in them. Pure Shilajit resin form is sticky, black dark brown in color and are tar like.
  • Pliability test or Temperature Test: Shilajit is responsive to change in temperature; when placed in high temperature environment, Shilajit becomes sticky and will stick to the fingers. When Shilajit is placed in low temperature, cold Shilajit becomes hard and breaks like a stone.
  • Solubility test: Take a small quantity of Shilajit and mix it in lukewarm water. Pure & Authentic Shilajit will readily dissolve in water turning it into dark brown or reddish black, without leaving any residue behind. But if the Shilajit is mixed with fillers and binders, there will be sandy residue left behind in the container and the water will also taste sandy.
  • Alcohol test: Pure Shilajit does not dissolve in alcohol. Upon adding Shilajit to alcohol, it will form small clots. However, if the Shilajit dissolves in alcohol, it is contains additives.
  • Flame test: Flame test is the most reliable for testing the purity of solid Shilajit. When pure Shilajit is put on fire, it will not burn. But, upon heating at higher temperatures, pure Shilajit will create bubbles and will turn into ash. In case the Shilajit is impure or has impurities, it will catch robust fire.
  • Color and Odor test: Pure Shilajit is mostly dark in color. It has pungent smell as it is formed as a result of breaking down of plant matter and rock minerals.

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